Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey's "proof" against Roj TV: The Kurdish national anthem

by rojhalat_kurd @ 25.11.2005 - 10:42:55 am

The Turkish state presented to the Danish government documents filled with what the Turkish state calls "proof" that the Kurdish satellite TV-channel Roj TV is run by the PKK. Among their most important "proofs": That Roj TV plays the Kurdish national anthem 'Ey Reqib' during opening and closing.
Among what they call "proofs" are that Roj TV is airing programs that also the first Kurdish satellite TV-channel MED-TV was airing. MED-TV was closed down by the British government after a request from Turkey. Among the Turkish state's "proof" are that Roj TV's program in the Kurmanci dialect of Kurdish is called 'Nuce', just like the news program in MED-TV was called. 'Nuce' simply means 'News' in Kurmanci. The same argument was given for the news program in the Sorani dialect which is called 'Dengubas'. 'Dengubas' means 'News' in Sorani.
The Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan had boycotted a press conference which he was to hold with the Danish PM Rasmussen, because the conference was attended by a reporter from Roj TV. Rasmussen rebuffed Turkey's request to kick out the Kurdish reporter by saying that there was freedom of the media in Denmark and EU.
Denmark's official stance is that Turkey's allegations against the Kurdish satellite TV-channel Roj TV are baseless.