Saturday, September 09, 2006

Swedish Elections debated on ROJ TV

On Sunday 17 September Swedish electorate go to polling stations in order to chose their Representatives for Parliament, County councils and city councils.

One of the interesting aspect of this year's elections from a Kurdish perspective is the nomination of a huge number of Kurdish origin candidates by Swedish political parties.

There are 33 Swedish Kurds contending for a seat in the parliament, 32 for county councils and 75 persons run for a seat in city councils.

On Friday evening a special debate program was arranged on ROJ TV for some of the Kurdish origin candidates. Jabar Amin from Swedish green Party, Gulan Avci from Swedish Liberal Party, Amineh Kakabaveh from Swedish Left Party were studio guests.

The nominees of Swedish Social Democratic Party , Tara Twna and the sole Kurdish origin candidate of Swedish New Moderates Awat Mohammed joined the debate by telephone.

All participants called upon Kurdish voters to exercise their democratic rights and vote on 17 September. Some of the contenders with Kurdish origin have big chance to come into Swedish Parliament.

Two polling stations have been set up in Silêmanî and Hewlêr in Southern Kurditan for Swedish citizens there for casting their ballots.