Thursday, September 28, 2006

Two years of imprisonment for each word of the letter
SABAH, English Edition
56 DTP mayors, who wrote a letter to Denmark to request ROJ TV not be shut down, are now to be judged and each is liable to be imprisoned for up to 15 years. The judge told the defendants who were applauded by groups when arriving to the judicial court: "You are paid 3,000 YTL in salary by the government. Is it a proper act to watch this channel?" In the defense of the defendants it was said that: "840 years of imprisonment is demanded for a letter containing 405 words. That makes a 2-year sentence for each word."


Two years of imprisonment for each word of DTP mayors

A total of 840 years worth of imprisonment was demanded for 56 mayors of DTP, who were being judged for sending Rasmussen a letter in order not to close ROJ TV. The president judge reminded that Anlı from DTP receives salary from the government.

The trial of 56 mayors of DTP for whom a penalty of 15 years of imprisonment each was demanded because of sending the Prime Minister of Denmark Anders Fogh Rasmussen a letter in order not to close Roj TV in line with articles no. 341/3 and 220/7 of TCK (Turkish Criminal Code) "helping terrorist organization knowingly and willfully." The defendants confirmed their words by saying: "we have written the mentioned letter in order to respond our citizens' right to use their cultural and democratic rights. We confirm all 405 words of our notorious letter and repeat its content."


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