Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blackout for ROJ TV

After some other Eastern cities, technical blockings have started for Roj TV in Diyarbakır too.

Roj Tv had been facing technical problems in cities such as Hakkari, Mardin and Van for a while. The same problems began occurring in
Diyarbakır. It was learned that some organizations are sabotaging the channel by sending signals with technological devices.

Technical block for ROJ TV channel

It was claimed that after Van, Hakkari and Mardin, ROJ TV's broadcast has begun being blocked by unknown forces in

Diyarbakır. According to the news published by Firatnews website, ROJ TV's broadcasts are being blocked with technical signals in Diyarbakır as well as the Kurdish radio channel MMC.

Source : Sabah , October 20, 2006


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