Sunday, September 30, 2007

European Union Must Organise a Campaign,demanding shutting down most TV stations in Turkey!

European Union must organise a campaign, demanding shutting down Most TV stations in Turkey!
Alan Dersimi
Independent Kurdish Journalist

Every now and then Turkish media report that Turkish authorities raise their concern over ROJ TV to Danish Authorities. They accuse ROJ TV, which is the true voice of Kurdish people with all sort of heinous fabricated misdeeds.
Since the advent of television, some regulator bodies has been appointed to oversee the TV broadcasting code of conduct based on universal values stipulated in charter of Human rights and other related international conventions.
If one of these regulator bodies observe the Turkish satellite broadcastings, they will without slightest doubt hear statements and commentaries which are full of hatred and abuse against a culture and a people who constitute at least a quarter of Turkey's population. No one raise concern in this regard neither in Turkey nor in European countries. These are pure violation of internationally accepted values by Turkey. Possibly the odd interpretation of human rights is seen appropriate for the way the Turkish state is governed. Turkey sees this as self-evident to continue with their trampling upon universal principles.
While Turkey is adamant in their conduct, shamelessly want to export their repressive measures to Europe and give lessons to Denmark about its press freedom regarding closure of ROJ TV.
It is a legitimate democratic view to ask European Union to explain why they are so defensive and tolerant vis-à-vis Turkish pressure and unacceptable demands. It should not be that hard to translate the Media broadcasting regulation into plain Turkish and introduced to Turkish government. The Turkish government need to understand that TV broadcasting is regulated by law, and any offence or misconduct is watched over by concerned authorities in Denmark.
It is time to let Turkey know that demanding of ROJ TV's closure is not acceptable. The only authority which can judge the content of ROJ TV's programming is the Danish Radio and Television Board. Turkey can not continue its repressive and dictatorial manner to dictate how other country should run their internal affairs. A Europe media regulator shall set up an independent body to oversee TV broadcasting in Turkey to measure the respect for human rights and true meaning of Freedom of expression.


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