Saturday, December 03, 2005

Accepting information channel for kurds is not tolerated by Turkish journalist M.Ali Birand

M.Ali Birand Turkish columnist and TV moderator in an article published in Hurriyet ( Friday 2 December 2005) advises authorities not to become Hostages of ROJ TV. He argues the action of Mr.Tayyip Erdogan in Copenhagen in refusing to attend a joint press conference with Mr. Russnusen Denmark's prime minister has become a pattern for other members of Turkish establishment, and if they continue like that soon they will not be able to take part in any Press conference abroad if there would be any ROJ TV reporter present.
Instead he suggests the authorities should try their utmost to prove ROJ TV's connection to a political organisation. In his article he rightly points out "For European public opinion, ROJ TV for Turkey's Kurdish origin citizens is an information channel" but at the same time he puts into question the existance of a channel which tries to reflect the multitude and not one sided anti kurdish slandering and fabricated news. What it is realised from the attitude of Mr.M.Ali Birand in this article is that he finds it hard to tolerate an information channel for kurds .

H.GORAN 2.12.2005