Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Actions in Support of ROJ TV

A delegation led by sheikh Murshid Xeznewi the son of late Syrian Kurdish personality Sheikh Mashuq Xeznewi, on Saturday 18 December delivered a letter to Danish Embassy in Riyad , the Saudi Arabia's capital. The letter was signed by hundreds of Arab and Kurdish personalities, political parties and organisations, in which the signatories had declared their support to ROJ TV.
In the letter stated, that ROJ TV is a platform for expression for Kurdish people, the holder of diverse views get the opportunity to express their ideas in its programming, that is why we consider the smearing campaign against RO TV as an act of aggression against Kurdish people.
We urge Danish government not to listen to the baseless rhetoric of Turkish government which practises the policy of denial and annihilation against Kurdish word and Kurdish people.
On the other hand, a group of Kurdish, Arab and Dutch intellectuals and writers handed over a support letter for ROJ TV to Danish Embassy in Hague- Holland.
The signatories included:

Munteha Al-Yousef , a Jordanian journalist
Muhamad Shewykat, a Tunesian politician
Kawe Reshi , a kurdish politician
Fuad Salame , a Palastinian journalist
Denis Fawbach , a Dutch politician
Nabil Al-Majid , An Iraqi politician
Yashar Hashemi , An Iraqi journalist
Seyf Aldin Ahmed , A syrian political activist
Rene Sbits , A Dutch politician

(Source: Arabic Service, ROJ TV )