Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Support ROJ TV

It was 107 years ago, when the first Kurdish newspaper "Kurdistan", published by Bedir khan brothers in Cairo/Egypt, The Ottoman authorities launched an intensive campaign against it and asked the authorities in Egypt to close down the paper. Everyone in Kurdistan who used to read the paper were prosecuted and put into jails.

During the past hundred years the new Turkish state also have tried to damage Kurdish language, and restrain its development by all means. Kurdish media have not been allowed to operate, and hundreds of Kurdish journalists have been killed or imprisoned. Whilst the Kurds in exile have taken any step to preserve cultural heritage, the Turkish authorities have as usual pressurised the host countries to stop the Kurdish cultural activities. In 1984 when the Swedish government decided to open a Kurdish childcare centre, Turkey openly lodged a complaint to Sweden and tried to stop the plan.
Nevertheless, the resent diplomatic and psychological pressure exerted by Turkey aim to force Denmark to stop ROJ TV, which in a short time has tremendously contributed to Kurdish language and culture recognition. It has produced hundreds of cultural, political, sportive, religious (Islamic, Yazidi and Christian), children, youth and Health programs. ROJ TV is a Kurdish TV which constantly has taken up the actual topics related to women.

We ask Danish government not to silence this Kurdish voice and do not bow to the unacceptable pressures of Turkey. We want Denmark to let ROJ TV continue its works in serving Kurdish culture and language. The Kurdish heritage is directly under the pressure of Turkish government in 21 century.

Yes to free speech

1.Goran Ghafour (Writer) (Denmark)
2.Mehabad Kurdi (Writer) (Sweden)
3.Hawreh Bakhawan Historian (Holland)
4. mohamad sediq kabudvand Human Rights Organisation of Kurdistan (Iran)
5.Taman Shakir (Writer and women activist (Germany)
6. Bawer Coskun Editor ( www.beyan.net )
7.Shwan Karim physician (Sweden)
8. Zagroz Abdulla Student (Sweden)
9.Karwan Mahmud Engineer (Kurdistan)
10.Nuredin Waisi Journalist (Canada)
11.Hiwa M. Sharif Teacher (Kurdistan)
12.Kawe Amin writer,essayist (Sweden)