Monday, December 26, 2005

A True defender of freedom of Expression

In this spot I have previously spoken about Mr.Birand's approach to ROJ TV. Today I went through his latest writings in a comment to one of them (17.12.05)a caller reminds him of " Although I may not be satisfied with the contents of Roj TV's programs but I watch it and every one that I know in my surrounding do the same, I think the Turkish government instead of spending all her energy to close down ROJ TV, should understand the question and find a solution for that . I watch ROJ TV but I do not see some of my favourite singers performing . If ROJ tv is closed down millions of kurds get disappointed. First of all my 18 years old son who has no ideological preference" I think Mr. Birand's caller although anonymous is a true defender of freedom of expression and should be praised as such.