Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The letter of Internationally renowned Kurdish film Director HINER SALEEM

To Danish Prime minister and members of Danish Government

Your Excellency the head and members of Danish Government!
Honoured and Democratic people of Denmark!

The existence of ROJ TV is an important necessity for survival of History, culture and language of Kurdish people.

Opposing this valuable television by the Turkish government, is opposing the will and necessities of millions of Kurdish citizens in the boundary of Turkish state itself. This people's only deficiency is that they are distinctive in language, culture and race than the dominate and hegemonic official culture of Turkish state.

Language is important for every individual. I am confidant that the Turkish government by pressurizing ROJ TV and its eventual closer, wants to drain the last vain of the life of the language of our people.

In 2005 when I participated in Canne Film Festival, my film "Kilometre Zero" was in Kurdish.

I appeal to you to repel all pressures on Kurdish language, so that ROJ TV could continue to broadcast and serve this endangered language. Until the day comes, when Turkey choose forgiveness and willing to accept diversity as post Franco Spain.Thus Kurdish language and culture flourish in Turkey.

Hiner Saleem

Film Director