Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mr. Mirzaei appeals to Danish Authorities

Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Mr. Per Stig Moller

As you are aware, Turkish authorities in recent weeks have resorted to an orchestrated campaign of accusation and smearing propaganda against the Kurdish satellite television, ROJ TV.

The aim of this unjust and antidemocratic endeavour is to divert the attention of public opinion and EU countries from the realities of Turkey and military assaults against Kurdish people.
While Turkish state discriminates against Kurdish language inside Turkey, wants to export its archaic and unacceptable policies to European countries as well.

Turkish latest effort is contrary to Turkey's accession to European Union.
Your Excellencies I urge you to defend the right of existence and free broadcasting of ROJ TV and repel unjust campaign of Turkish authorities against ROJ TV.

With best regards.S. Mirzaei
Manager of Herosoft Co.