Friday, January 13, 2006

Solidarity with ROJ TV

We are Iranian Kurdish refugees living in different towns and cities inTurkey .

During the past five years we have been living in uncertainty as a result of UNHCR's indefference towards our plight.

As we have lived long enough in Turkey , we are familiar with current situation of human rights here.

We condemn the efforts of Turkish government for closing down ROJ TV and express our indignation against such a move. We declare our full support for the survival of Roj TV.

Roj TV is the voice of every Kurd in the whole world. Even if Turkish government gives permission for broadcasting to a Kurdish channel, not only a satellite but even a terrestrial one , Even if it gives permission to newspapers and Kurdish media , and even if it recognises the mother tongue of 12 million Kurds in Turkey, even then, it has no right to ask for closure of a TV channel

As regugees we feel in debt towards ROJ TV channel because it has followed our problems and has publicised our plight. In the past two years it ha not ignored the condition of Iranian Kurdish refugees in Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey.

We wish more success to ROJ TV and its staff.

Hail to ROJ TV

Iranian Kurdish Refugees in 16 towns and cities of Turkey