Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Today Wednesday 18 January there will be a hearing in Paris

Paris -France on the cultural situation of the kurds.
The event is organised by European Council's Committee.
On Culture, Science and Education.

Mr.Manoucher Zonoozi , Director of Mesopotamya
Broadcast is representing ROJ TV in this gathering and informs participants about the important role of ROJ TV in enhansing democracy and free expression in Middle-East and among kurdish community in diaspora.


The cultural situation of the Kurds
Rapporteur: Lord Russell-Johnston, UK, ALDE

Paris, 18 January 2006, 2.30 pm
55, Avenue Kléber, 16ème

The Hearing is organized to complement the information that the Rapporteur was able to gather during his visit to Turkey in 2004. It will therefore concentrate on the cultural situation of the Kurds in Iran, Iraq and Syria and also in the diaspora.

Opening of the Hearing

Mr Jacques Legendre, Chairman of the Committee


Lord Russell-Johnston, Rapporteur

Cultural situation of the Kurds in Iran, Iraq and Syria

Mrs Soheila Ghaderi-Mameli (Iran) Association des Kurdes résidant en France, Paris
Mr Bachar Al Issa (Syria) historian, painter
Mr Gérard Gautier (Iraq), Délégué pour la culture et l'éducation, replacing Mr Saywan Barzani, representative in France of the Autonomous Kurdish Government

Exchange of views

Kurdish diaspora

Mr Kendal Nezam, Chairman of the Kurdish Institute of Paris
Ms Rochelle Harris, Public Relations Officer, replacing Mr Karim Ildiz, President, Kurdish Human Rights Project, London
Mr Metin Incesu, Director of Navend, Bonn
Mr Mehmet ـzün, novelist, Sweden
Mr Hugo van Rompaey, Secretary, replacing Mr Dewres Ferho, President, Kurdish Institute, Brussels
Mr Manouchehr Zonoozi, Director of Roj TV, Denmark
Mrs Feleknas Uca, MEP, Germany

Exchange of views

Kurdish literature and media

Mr Mehmet ـUzün, novelist, Sweden
Mr Manouchehr Zonoozi, Director of Roj TV
Mr Hasan Cemal, journalist, Turkey

Exchange of views