Sunday, January 15, 2006

Peter Stitt Scottish friend of Kurdish people expresses his feeling towards Turks, Kurds and ROJ TV

I am a Scot, raised in England, and I have the freedom to question the continued domination of my country by England. That is democracy, I can say what I want, where I want, to whom I want and when I want. Again, that is democracy. Are you democratic Turkey? Truly? Why do you still have a law that allows a brilliant writer such as Orhan Pamuk to be imprisoned on a charge of "insulting the state of Turkey"?

I have seen Kurdish Turkey and I have seen, heard and smelt the fear whenever security forces were present. I think this fear deserves a voice and the one and only voice that will suffice is Roj TV. If the channel is closed then Turkish democracy may as well be closed.

I love Turkey and the Turkish people and I find it sad I feel compelled to say these things.
Please DO print my full name because I am proud of my links with a great people, the Kurds, and I'm not really worried of the consequences (the luxury of living in a real democracy, certainly not heroism!).

Biji Kurdistan u biji hami Kurd,

Peter Stitt