Sunday, February 05, 2006

Amed's Mayor: I Will Continue To Use Kurdish

Mayor of Diyarbakir Metropolis Osman Baydemir, about whom an investigation has been started about the letter that he sent to Prime Minister of Denmark Anders Fogh Rasmussen about "ROJ TV not to be closed", said that the letter was written out with a great sense of responsibility.

Baydemir said that the file has been reached to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutor and he talked like this; "According to us, this letter doesn't contain a crime. In direct contradiction it is an example of contribution of democratic culture".

"We have to express our disparities"

Baydemir, who answered the questions of reporters, underlined that in modern democracies it has to be laid the groundwork for everyone to express themselves.

Baydemir said that "If we close the channels for expressing our disparities in democratic way, we will lay the groundwork for violence culture".

"I'm using the right that was given to me by the parliament"

Baydemir also talked about his new year message that he wrote in Kurdish and about which an investigation has been started. He said that this usage is a right and it was given to all citizens by parliament.

Osman Baydemir said like this "The result of investigation can be that as it may. But I will continue to use Kurdish. Now I'm preparing for myself a presentation card in English, Turkish and Kurdish. It is necessary not to be appalled for usage of this right".