Friday, February 03, 2006

Green Party Parliamentarins in Sweden consider attempts against ROJ TV as Sad and Reprehensible!

The freedom of expression, the freedom to speak, write and broadcast belongs to the fundamental human rights. This is regulated in international conventions. To restrict these fundamental rights is not compatible with democracy.

Roj TV is a voice for millions of Kurds, not least in the part of Kurdistan that is occupied by Turkey. To try, by pressuring Denmark, to strangle this Kurdish voice is sad and reprehensible.

What Turkey should do instead is to recognize the national and democratic rights of the people of Kurdistan.

The European Union should put pressure on Turkey and demand that Turkey recognize the rights of the Kurdish people.

Yvonne Ruwaida
Member of Parliament, Green Party of Sweden

Lotta Hedström
Member of Parliament, Green Party of Sweden

Jabar Amin
Candidate for Parliament, Green Party of Sweden