Wednesday, January 25, 2006

DTP Kars Provincial Chairman, Mehmut Alinak, told of the need for a referendum to be made among Kurds concerning Roj TV.

Alinak, "The efforts of the state officials to silence Roj TV is an attack against another country's right to territorial integrity"

As comic as it is for another country to ask for the end of TRT broadcasting, it is likewise comic for the state officials of the Turkish country to ask another country for the silencing of Roj TV" he said.

The DTP Kars Provincial Chairman, Mahmut Alinak, in his written press statement, said that he wanted there to be a referendum on Roj TV among the Kurds. "If it hadn't been for the ban and hardship on the Kurds, Roj TV would not be in a foreign land today, but in it's own land, broadcasting. And this responsibility is carried by the country officials" Alinak said, stressing that Roj TV was born because of need and hardship.

Alinak, in his further statement, said that: "If the country (Turkey) had met the need for a Kurdish TV channel, there would be no need for Roj TV. Roj TV with it's broadcasts is doing a humane service, whereas this service is Turkey's responsibility. The state officials are, by not bringing to the table the needs of millions of viewers, committing a crime.

Just as opening schools, making roads and hospitals are state responsibilities, it is just ast much the responsibility to broadcast a TV in the language of 20 million viewers. If a state doesn't bring this right to the table, it isn't their right to complain either."

In his statement to state officials and the world at large, DTP Kars Provincial Chairman Alinak said, "Come, let's hold a referendum for Roj TV. If there is an inch of democracy in you, you will hold a referendum for Roj TV among the Kurds. Let everybody join in on the results of the referendum. If the answer is "no", we are ready to darken the screens of Roj TV. But if the people, say "yes", you will give permission to Roj TV to broadcast in the center of Ankara. You only want democracy for yourselves. This way, you will not only have made life for the Kurdish people, but also for the Turkish people, a living hell. Never take this out of your mind!

"If you don't hold this referendum, when the day comes, we will force this through in our political struggle. For Roj TV I call on Turk, Kurd, and all democratic circles, to wish and ask for a referendum", he said.