Friday, September 22, 2006

European Parliamentarians were informed about the importance of ROJ TV for Kurdish People.

A delegation of European Parliament consisting of : Helene Flautre ( France), Richard Howitt ( Britain ), Vitterio Agnoletto (Italy), John Attard-Montalto ( Malta), Simon Coveney (Irland) and Laima Liucija Andrikiene ( Lithuania) currently visiting Turkey on a fact finding mission concerning the violation of human rights, Kurdish situation, the plight of displaced people, violence against women and suicide.

The delegate in Colemerg met the Mayor Matin tekche a member of Democratic Society Party (DTP) and other representatives of civil society organizations.

The delegation was informed in the meeting that the beaming of ROJ TV in the area is disturbed constantly.

Both the mayor and representatives of civil society informed the delegate about the importance of ROJ TV for the Kurdish viewers in the area.

Source: ROJ TV , News Centre


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