Saturday, November 18, 2006

Let's unveil shameless Journalism!

In today's The New Anatolian electronic edition (18 November 2006)Kemal Balci under the heading " Let's frisk the pope" mix up several unrelated issues in order to humiliate

Danish society and politicians in a way which amounts to cheap and baseless accusations.

Among other unfounded utterances he writes: " …. But , Denmark immediately gave the terror group a permit to broadcast in their country under the label ROJ-TV The channel has been on the air since February 2004"

In this short claim none of the arguments are correct. Firstly accusing Denmark of giving permission for broadcasting to a terror group, Secondly calling ROJ TV names which are totally contradictory to the contents and themes of programming , and thirdly giving a mistaken date for ROJ TV's start.

The rationally minded readers easily sense this nationalistic hysteria cried out by Balci.

Save ROJ TV Team


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