Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A young Kurdish film maker's impression about her visit to ROJ TV

Recently I visited Roj TV at Denderleeuw, nearby Brussels in Belgium. If you'd close your eyes, you'd think you're in Kurdistan. True Kurdistan , because of the embracing mixture of Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan. Roj TV is like a free Kurdish isle in the heart of Europe. The catering is Kurdish as well as the music that fills the room from television right up to the soul. Nevertheless every culture is welcome: in the middle of all those Kurds, the make up-artist was from Belgium and a part of the guests are non-Kurdish as well.

Hesen Ghazi invited me to "Ruwange". I enjoy watching his program, especially when he invites young, inspiring individuals. So, being invited to the show was a great honour. We talked about my studies, my work and the future. But, to me, it was not just about myself. It was about the young Kurds, in Kurdistan and abroad. I wanted to inspire them. In the same way other guests at "Ruwange" inspired me. I wanted to show them that it's possible to follow your heart, that it's possible to focus on Cinema and that it's truly worth the hard work.

In Cinema, I'm just a nobody, at least: not anybody yet. But the believe in the things that I'll be able to do someday keep me going. And being able to talk about that "someday", in a show on Roj TV is a big encouragement into the right direction. Not only for me, but certainly for all those young people who think about a cultural or art study. Showing the possibilities can make a big difference.

My compliments to Roj TV, who's got an eye for cultural moving within Kurdish society. Because nothing exists, until you share it. Shows as "Ruwange" help making Kurdish (or Kurdish-related) culture exist, by sharing the existence of it with the viewers. And, by doing so, Kurds get more and more aware of the beautiful colours that are hidden within the darkness that overshadows their culture.

In life, you get nothing for free. However there are things that can make it easier, such as family, friends, following your heart and fighting for your final goal. Whether that's a free Kurdistan, opening a store, becoming a professional sports player, a doctor, or just to have the opportunity to tell your own story, I believe that you can achieve it as long as you keep on working for it. It's time to focus on the colours. Sure, that sounds like a big cliché, though it's nothing but the truth.

Ghazi gave me the opportunity to tell all Kurds what I believe in: Cinema. We showed the audience a short film, "Delalo", in rough cut. So, the version as it was broadcast

is different from the final version. That gave viewers the possibility to send me their comments. A few weeks after the recording of the show I finished the "Delalo". I would like to share the final version of "Delalo", as it was shown on the London Kurdish Film Festival, with all of you. I will upload it to the Internet this week.

Thanks to whole crew of Roj TV, for their warm welcome in Denderleeuw and of course the delicious food.




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