Friday, January 26, 2007

The trial of Kurdish mayors for supporting ROJ TV continued today

Manshet News, Northern Kurdistan

Today another court sitting of the Kurdish Mayors of Northern Kurdistan Municipalities continued in Amed ( Diyarbakir ). They were indicted for writing a letter to the Danish Prime minister in support of Roj TV.

In this sitting, while reiterating his support Abdulla Akengin the mayor of Dicle in Amed told the Judge: “we are not considering our action as illegal but we rigorously
Demand that ROJ TV be able to broadcast in Amed, Ankara and Trabozan. This is for the sake of further democratization in Turkey and on the other hand to curb the heinous ideas and acts in Trabozan which resulted in Hrant Dink's assassination.”
This caused a quarrel between the prosecutor and the lawyer of Abdulla Akengin.

Turkey is accusing 56 Kurdish mayors’ members of Democratic Society Party (DTP), that by writing a support letter in support of ROJ TV, they are indirectly supporting PKK and engage in propaganda for it.

It must be stated that since a while in most of the towns and cities of Northern Kurdistan the signals of ROJ TV are disrupted

Source: Manshet News weblog


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