Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yet another investigation of Roj-TV

14.01.2007 15.10 dr.dn Denmark 's Radio Interior

The public prosecutor once again asks the Police of Copenhagen to investigate the Kurdish Roj-TV station, which transmits from Denmark.

The public prosecutor did not find that the matter had been adequately clarified and also new pieces of information have been presented, says district attorney Jens Rasmussen. Turkey and the USA claim that the TV-station is funded by the Kurdish organization PKK and have therefore called on Denmark to ban it.

Two fruitless investigations

But despite two investigations within the latest 18 months the police has not found anything which the public prosecutor found would warrant a lawsuit.

When the Copenhagen Police i 2005 - the first time - submitted the case to the public prosecutor they did so with a reference to "its principled character and the public interest".

In case the renewed police investigation should bring forth results, which the public prosecutor finds fit to be taken further it will ultimately be up to the Attorney General Lene Espersen to evaluate the indictment.

The Red-Green Alliance fears pressure from abroad
The spokesperson of international affairs of the Red-Green Alliance (Enhedslisten), Rune Lund fears that the protracted investigation of the Kurdish TV-station could be due to pressure from Turkey and the USA.

Rune Lund has therefore asked the minister of foreign affairs to inform about the extent of meetings between the Danish ministry of foreign affairs and the USA.

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