Thursday, December 22, 2005

Danish Parlementarians consider the closure of ROJ TV as an attack to the rights of millions of Kurds

Danish members of Folketinget (parliament) Jeppe Kofod (S), Naser Khader(R), Holger K. Nielsen and Rune Lund (United list) have circulated a petition to 179 fellow parlementarians asking them to join them in defending the right of ROJ TV to exist and for protection of freedom of expression in Denmark. The initiative of Danish members of parliament have been taken with appreciation by Kurds all over the glob.

The following is the text of petition in English translation.
H, Goran

I hereby express my support to the fact that the government is not going To give in to the pressures launched by the Turkish and American governments To close down ROJ TV, which possess a license to broadcast in Denmark. The Closure of ROJ TV not only will be an attack to the the rights of million Of kurds to receive the TV channel of their choice, but also it will be a breach Of constitutional freedom of expression.

As it is stated in paragraph 77 of Danish Constitution , under judiciary responsibility, Everyone has got the right to, in print, writing and speech publicise her/his Thoughts. Censorship and other preventive measures can never be introduced. The freedom of expression in Denmark must be defended also for citizens of Kurdish origin.


Date Name Signature
Please is send it to :Stottegruppen for Ytringsfrihed(support Group for Freedom of Expression)Villo SigurdssonRodkildebanken 94320 Lejre