Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Organisation of Human Rights of Kurdistan

Declaration number 31

The preussures of Turkish government is a clear attack on Freedom of Expression

To Danish Government

In recent months and weeks , Turkish government by initiating an anti-human rights

project and by exerting pressures on some governments and countries in which there exist a free kurdish media, has tried to curb the free dissemination of information in free world.

The Kurdish television ROJ TV which has millions of viewers and audience in all corners of the world , and even in Iranian Kurdistan inspite of an official ban on satellite dishes by Iranian government , has hundred of thousands viewers , now faces an increasing pressures by Turkish government aiming at to stop its activities.

The Organisation of Human Rights by expressing its anxities over the attempts of enemies of freedom of expression even in the free world , considers the exerted pressures of Turkish government as a clear attack on the freedom of expression and as a violation the basic human rights of millions of kurds all over the world. Our organisation in accordance to the Article 19 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights in relation to the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds , regardless of frontiers , asks the Danish government not to submit to the pressures and demands of Turkish government and by protecting the continuiation of ROJ TV's activities , remain as usual by the side of adherents of freedom of expression.

Organisation of Human Rights of Kurdistan

Tehran 19 December 2005