Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The name of our nation is Turk: Baykal

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The name of our nation is Turk: Baykal

The CHP leader warned the premier that avoiding referring to the nation as Turks would not prevent terrorism.

Ntv Turk 12.12.2005

ISTANBUL - The Republic of Turkey is one country and one nation, the leader of the main Turkish parliamentary opposition party said on Sunday night.

Speaking at the opening of the Caddebostan Culture Centre, Republican People's Party (CHP) chairman Deniz Baykal stressed that under the constitution, citizenship is the name of a legal relationship.

"It is right but here there is a nation. The name of this nation is Turk," Baykal said. This was written in the national fight of the nation and in the hearts of 70 million people, he said.

It was a great sadness that the Prime Minister was hesitating to name his own nation, Baykal said, stressing that ethnic background was different than the name of the nation.

In the growing controversy over the debate on superior and interior identities, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has denied saying that religion was the superior identity.