Saturday, December 10, 2005

Yek-Kom's petition

The position of Turkey in its attempts for closing down Roj TV, which is widely watched by Kurds, caused the reaction of Yek-Kom, an organisation that is an umbrella for hundreds of Kurdish civil society associations in Germany.
Yek-Kom in a letter to United Nations, EU and USA declared Roj TV, which is watched by millions of Kurds, could not be labelled as a mouthpiece for terrorism, as it is the only voice of Kurds in Europe.
Yek-Kom’s letter drew the attention of UN and current presidency of EU to the violations of Kurdish human rights in Turkey. Yek-Kom stated that calling ROJ TV a terror-affiliated outlet is an insult to the Kurdish people, because the content of its programming is devoted to the concept of peaceful coexistence of the peoples in the Middle East and promoting Kurdish culture and language, a noble task that deserves all support.
Yek-Kom emphasises that Danish authorities should stay firm in their position for defending the right of free speech and free thought and reject Turkish governments pressures in this case.


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