Saturday, December 10, 2005

Doug Aubrey, Filmmaker, Scotland, UK

As a filmmaker who is concerned more than ever about seeing our creative, journalistic and freedom of expression and speech being eroded on a daily basis by western governments, it comes as no surprise that the west's (and Mr Blair's in particular) new best friend – Turkey, with it's appalling human rights record wants to campaign and lobby Europe to close down Roj Tv.

Is it perhaps that the warning sign is here for all of us in Europe who still respect different languages and cultures as our equal, that we risk becoming more like Turkey by allowing Roj TV to be taken off-air?

Or is it that Turkey intends to use it's new 'European status' to continue the oppression against the Kurdish people under the guise of 'Western democracy'?

Roj TV has to stay on air – otherwise you or I might be prevented from what we're doing next.


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