Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Statement by Dr. Hashem Ahmadzadeh

In the absence of free speech and right to getting information in their own language in the countries where they live, the Kurds of the diaspora have tried to establish and found modern communication instruments. Roj Tv is one of these foundations and during its broadcasting it has helped the Kurds both at homeland and in the diaspora to realise their natural right of being informed in their own language. One can, as some prominent scholars have pointed out, label this TV station as a civil society institution in the sky.
One does not need to be a great historian to find the suppression of the Kurds in Turkey during the whole 20th century. At the same time one hopes that the global democratisation process includes the Kurds who have by now been denied their nationhood and the very basic human rights. It will be a triumph of reactionary forces to close the voice of the Kurds. I hope that the Danish authorities respect the freedom of speech and let the Kurds go on with their right to send their voice and image to air.

Dr Hashem Ahmadzadeh
Kurdish Studies
Institute of Arab & Islamic Studies
Univeristy of Exeter