Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Group of Kurdish students from SINE (Eastern Kurdistan) lend their support to ROJ TV

A group of students at the Sine University in a letter to Danish Embassy in Tehran declared their support to ROJ TV.
They consider ROJ TV as mouthpiece of 40 million Kurds. They see Roj TV as a symbol of Freedom of speech and thought.
The signatories condemn the attempts of government in Turkey aiming to ban ROJ TV.
The students add, thanks to the Roj TV the atrocities perpetuated by Iranian security forces against the protest demonstrations of Kurdish masses in Eastern Kurdistan in the last summer were exposed to the public opinion.
In conclusion the students point out if such an independent and objective media outlet is silenced, then the Kurds will be deprived of an important means of communication.

(Source: Rojhella News)