Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Violation of Freedom of Expression unabated

Two founder members of DTP ( Democratic Society Party) Xetib Dicle and Selim Sadak who served years in jail for their defending of Kurdish rights were summoned to prosecuting office in Ankara for investigation, because of participating in a debate program on ROJ TV on 21 September this year.

Selim Sadak answered questions but, Dicle failed to report as he was not in Ankara. Selim Sadak told the investigator in his opinion participating in RO TV show should not be considered an offence , He added in order he could share his views with public , he has the basic right to be present in any TV channel.

Leaving the prosecutor office he told reporters ROJ TV broadcasts to most parts of the world and enjoys a wide audience, he said he is pleased that ROJ TV have given him and his friends opportunity to pronounce their views.

He also took up the current pressures on ROJ TV. Sadak pointed out although ROJ TV broadcasts from outside the country , it is a pity that Turkish government wants to ban it.

" There is no place to fear Media. It is a great pity that Prime minister avoids a TV channel. ROJ TV invited us we accepted that , if CNN (Turk) , or NTV and even Channel 7 gives us air time we will answer positively . we make no preference, we pronounce our views in any TV channel ".

He said he wants an end to pressures on ROJ TV and added " I am thankful to ROJ TV to give us opportunity to express our views, I hope it will last long time in future , I call upon democratic public opinion to support ROJ TV in order to be able to continue its broadcasting freely."

Selim Sadak said if European Union " will undermine ROJ TV, it will serve the denial and annihilation policy of Turkish sate. They have no option either they support the free media or place themselves by side of Silopy and Shemzinan thugs ".


(source: Roj TV, News Centre)