Saturday, March 18, 2006

The prediction of Mr. Mehmet Ali Birand

Turkish Daily News, Friday, 17 March 2006

"Instead of fighting Roj TV…:

In this current climate, it's impossible for Turkey to get Denmark-based Roj TV closed down.

Even if we manage to do so, it will start broadcasting the next day under another name.

For years we didn't allow any radio or television broadcasts in Kurdish. We still don't. As a result, the people of the Southeast have come to enjoy Kurdish television, starting from Med TV, which broadcast PKK propaganda. They are not too bothered by the propaganda because for the region's people the PKK is not a terrorist organization. It is an organization that is defending its rights through the use of arms. So they aren't bothered. Even those who are bothered by the propaganda enjoy the Kurdish music and programs on Roj TV.

If Turkey had allowed local television broadcasts while banning separatist content, then Roj TV's importance would have been much less. It's late, but we can still do something.

The current policy is useless.

If we allow local channels to broadcast in Kurdish, Roj TV will lose significant influence. "