Saturday, March 11, 2006

The subjects of insects will be discussed in the broadcast in Kurdish language

AMED (09.03.2006)- Diyarbakir Gun TV, Soz TV and Urfa Medya FM, which are preparing to broadcast in Kurdish, will give a guarantee in the commitment that they will sign with RTUK (Radio Television High Committee) for that they will make their broadcasts only for adults and they will create an ecological consciousness in their programs.

Diyarbakir Gun TV, Soz TV and Urfa Medya FM will give a guarantee by the commitment of RTUK for "The broadcasts about different languages and dialects of Turkish Citizens that they use in their daily life customary".

The commitment, which the publishers give guarantee for not to contravene, is like this; "We will accept and commit not to broadcast in other languages/dialects that we don't attest, to declare before and not to change the daily, monthly and yearly broadcasting plans, that we attest, not to accommodate any other symbols, except voice effect, studio formation, present logo and voice signs that we use during the broadcast in other languages/dialects, if it will be necessary to use the symbols of Turkish Government, in these languages and dialects, to broadcast only for adults, to make broadcasts about news, music, general public health, creating the ecological consciousness, addition to house economy, economy, sport, magazine, agriculture and stock-breeding, introducing of traditional culture, not to broadcast intended for the teaching these languages and dialects"

Source : Kurdish Info