Saturday, April 01, 2006

Save ROJ TV Team

Recently there was a lull of slandering against ROJ TV. in Turkish press , but since last tuesday ,

in connection to the brutal action of "security forces" in Amed (Diyarbekir), the Turkish mainstream press once again are trying to give a new momentum to their unjust campaign against ROJ TV. Just read the following section of an article by Mr. Mehmet Ali Birand, published

in Friday's Turkish Daily News. None of the claims he pronounces are substantiated by any evidence or grounds, they are just presupposed and prejudiced claims .

Mr. Birand gives the impression, as If ROJ TV's reports reflecting both side of the story are directives. He claims the channel incites civil war. This is a big disservice to his readers. The public opinion may judge true message of ROJ TV and its role among communities.

The ROJ TV stands for the right of Kurds to live in peace, and the right to their own distinct identity. What this reasonable standpoint has to do with inciting civil war?

Apparently with this kind of baseless accusations Mr. Birand will only endanger his journalistic credibility.

Save ROJ TV Team

Turkish daily News , Friday 31 March, 2006

"Roj TV proved it is PKK's mouthpiece:
Roj TV has shown what kind on television channel it is. Especially in its editorial policy during the latest incidents, it proved that it acts like the PKK's spokesman. The language it used and the content of the stories broadcast seemed more like directives than reporting. A television channel can oppose policies. It can use any language its viewers want. It can criticize official policies. However, if a channel tries to incite civil war and calls for demonstrations that will result in people dying, no one can call that freedom of expression. "