Sunday, March 26, 2006

ROJ TV ranks among the most viewed TV outlets

According to an survey conducted by Wan University ROJ TV ranks among the most viewed TV outlets .

In the meantime the permission for limited broadcasting in kurdish was granted in Turkey , But ROJ TV which broadcasts daily, according to the conducted survey is the most viewed TV channel in Northern Kurdistan.

In the Survey compiled by the YUZUNCI YIL University of the city of WAN , 718 people were asked questions, the result of the survey shows that among all those channels which are watched in Kurdistan, ROJ TV comes in first rank.

In the whole of Turkey , the News channel NTV takes the first rank. Professor.dr. Sedat Cereci by evaluating the findings of the survey pointed out, ROJ TV has the capacity to take the top place of the most watched channels nationwide.

Source: ROJ TV News Centre