Friday, March 24, 2006

The demand of Kurdish to be second official language in Bingol

BINGOL (DIHA) - In spite of intensive rain and snow thousands of people who rushed to field celebrated Newroz with enthusiasm had sounded their solution proposals and demands of peace. Kurdish to be official language was wanted.

The celebration of Newroz in Bingol which Democraric Society Party, IHD, KESK and Bingol Culture Art Cooperative had passed with enthusiasm. In spite of rainfall begun by night the people from Bingol had rushed to Field of Agriculture Faculty in the Uzunsavat Quarter. The rain which had intensified had turned to the snow.

Over 5 thousand people had watched Newroz in spite of intensive layer of mud.

The sounds of women

In the field which comprised mostly women the pancartes '' We will not let war'', '' We are women, mother and in favor of peace'', '' Democratic solution in Kurdish problem'' and '' The right of education in mother tongue should be given constitutional guarantees'' were hang on. The pancartes in Zazaki '' Newroz bumbarekbo'', İn Kurmanci '' Newroz piroz be'' and Turkish '' Newroz Kutlu olsun'' meaning '' Happy Newroz'' had taken attention.

Thousands of people who filled the field chanted '' PKK is people and people is here'', '' Viva chairman Apo'', '' Viva Peace'' and '' tooth for tooth blood for blood we are with you Ocalan'' and opened the flags of Democratic Confederalism.

Miroglu: Kurdish should be second language

The activity of Newroz had begun with homage. After the homage chairman of DTP Province Yavuz Kitay and Agency Secretary of Egitim-Sen Bingol Sahap Bolkan had made short speeches about meaning of Newroz. After Kitay and Bolkan member of DTP Party Assembly Orhan Miroglu had touched to education in mother tongue, general amnesty and election barrage.

Miroglu who stated that Kurds had sounded peace in all Newrozs said that '' Kurds had sounded again demands of peace in this Newroz and after this they will sound this demands with higher voice. Prime Minister instead of solving Kurdish problems with democratic ways contends with correspondent of ROJ TV in Europe. Instead of doing this he should find a solution to Kurdish problem. Kurdish language should be accepted as second official language.''


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