Saturday, September 23, 2006

An American delegation visits Gever !

A delegation from American embassy personnel and officials in Turkey visited the town of Gever . While in there they met the mayor, Democratic Society Party (DTP) member Mr. Salih Yildiz.

Among other issues , Yildiz informed the delegate that he and 55 other mayors will be tried for writing a letter to Danish prime minister supporting ROJ TV.

Salih adds " ROJ TV must be left in peace, in the present situation if another channel in Turkey or in any other place take up the Kurdish issue, it will be labeled as "terrorist" by authorities.

It is an open fact that we and together with us 20 million other Kurds watch ROJ TV, because it shows the culture and language of Kurdish people, and as an objective channel make viewers informed about the events. No other media outlet covers this kind of meeting that we have today. If There was no ROJ TV, no body knew that you were visiting us. Roj TV functions as a source of information for Kurdish people, a right that they should not be denied of".

For their part the American delegation expressed their content of visiting Gever.


Source: ROJ TV, News Centre


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