Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bianet - "Controversial Ban on Radio Station in Turkey":

Radio and Television Supreme Council ruled for a complete ban on the Voice of Anatolia radio station on grounds that it continiously broadcasted programmes that would cause discrimination and hatred among people of different ethnicity in the country.
ISTANBUL / 13 February 2007 / by Ayca Orer
Radio and Television Supreme Council banned the broadcast of Anadolu'nun Sesi (Voice of Anatolia) Radio.
The Council based its decision on grounds that the radio has continued diffusing programmes which "impelled the society to violence and ethnic discrimination as well as aiming at discriminations among peoples on differences of region, language, religious sects, social class or race".
We'll start to all possible legal procedures to revindicate this ruling, said the representatives of the radio station.
The station had been penalized with a temporary interception of broadcast for 30 days in 2004 for broadcasting a song by the dissident Kurdish singer Ahmet Kaya.
Ankara 12th Administrative Court disapproved the RTUK ruling after three days but the same court witheld with the original penalty following the trial.
Source : Flash bulletin


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