Friday, March 23, 2007

Hîwaxiwazî baştirînekan bo êwey xoşewîstîn.

Berrêweberî mallperrî

Season greetings to Save ROJ TV from KOORDcom
Congratulations on the Occasion of Newroz 2007
We wish you all the best
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Season Greetings from Hewal Newsagency

Dear Friends !

We greet you warmly on the occasion of Newroz.
Newroz is the fest of freedom, It is the festival for asking for freedom and equality.
We hope the new year turns into further struggle of Kurds for the sake of freedom and prosperity for Kurdistan and against the corrupts and dictators whom have taken power in their own hands in divided Kurdistan.

We wish you success

Hewall News Agency

Friday, March 16, 2007

Eight DTP party officials in Izmir arrested

Police in Izmir detained 14 people in a raid carried out on DTP offices.

Güncelleme: 12:52 TSİ 16 Mart 2007 Cuma

IZMIR - A court in the Turkish city of Izmir late Thursday ordered the arrest of eight officials of the Democratic Society Party (DTP), including the party's head for the province and the branch leader in the town of Torbali.

Officials of Turkey's anti terror squad interrogated 14 people after raids on DTP offices on Wednesday.

The court released the other six persons detained. Among those released was a journalist for the Dicle News Agency who had been detained for passing on footage to Roj TV.Police carried out the searches after the Izmir DTP branch issued a press statement in support of the arrested DTP head for the party's Diyarbakir branch, Hilmi Aydogdu. Aydogdu was arrested for making a statement that an attack on the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk would be perceived as an attack carried out against Diyarbakir.

Police in Izmir also looked into claims that some members of the party were staging a hunger strike at the DTP Konak district branch in Izmir in support of the PKK.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Cameraman of Dicle News Agency is detained by Police

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Reports say the DTP Konak bureau in Izmir were searched by Police.The police also took a cameramen working for the Dicle News Agency into custody after the search of the DTP bureau was broadcast on Roj TV. ( as reported in Turkish press)

This is a vivid example, how disseminating news of oppressive measures is not tolerated in Turkey by authorities.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

All Women TV

On occasion of 8 March the International Women's Day, there is an all day women programming on ROJ TV. Today every shows are produced and presented by women colleagues. This initiative may be unique in the world of Television.

Save ROJ TV Team