Sunday, August 12, 2007

Under investigation for talking to ROJ TV during the election campaign

According to a dispatch from Cihan Newsagency on 9 August, The Public Presecutor Office in Sakarya has lodged an prosecution investigation against Mr. Mehmet Bayram an independent candidate in Turkish general elections which was held on 22 July.
The afro mentioned candidate is investigated for a telephone participation in a live program of ROJ TV concerning the elections. Although the show in question was aired in Turkish, but still ,the prosecutor office sees that as a case to investigate.


At 14/8/07 9:19 pm, Blogger SaveRojTV said...

Governments and authorities in Turkey (in fact in the whole region)have been raised based on nationalism or Islamism (lran since 1979) to dismiss all basic minority rights. Natural reaction from Kurds, Armenian, Assyrian, Turkuman, and other minorities is a reflection of unjustice against them. No hope to bring those authorities to realise that minorities have rights and that their polices have resulted in the Armenian genoside, mass killing of Assyrian in the 1930s, and current killing of Kurds.
Turks as a nation are not responsible for those, authorities through out history were.
In the 21 century blocking media station by those states is impossible and like covering a barrel with hundered of holes. I feel sorry for these states, the wind of changes is coming, behold !
Kurds and other minorities will have their rights taken, not given and these will be history.
No one could put hateride in the heart of those minorties against majority.

It has been proven that neither nationalism nor Islamism work as a running system, they failed in the past 80 years,and will continue to fail unless force accompany them.

Soran Talabani


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