Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Tuesday,10 July 2007

PKK propaganda by mayors from DTP
The Şırnak and Diyarbakır mayors have uttered inconsiderate words.The mayor from Şırnak, Ertak, said on the France-24 channel: "we support the PKK." Baydemir defined the PKK as "armed Kurdish opposition."
"The PKK is armed opposition"
The Diyarbakır mayor from DTP, Osman Baydemir, referred to the PKK as "armed Kurdish opposition," during a show on Roj TV.The Diyarbakır mayor from DTP, Osman Baydemir, has caused reactions with his statements on Roj TV. Turkey has made a number of attempts to close Roj TV; Baydemir attended the show with the former DEP deputy, Hatip Dicle, and former chairman of İHD, Yusuf Alataş. Baydemir said the recent events in the region are being observed closely and mentioned the PKK as armed Kurdish opposition. Baydemir evaluated the PKK's retreat to the camps in Northern Iraq as a starting date. Baydemir stated there have been two major events after 1999 and added: "the armed Kurdish opposition started a strategic change and sent its militants outside of Turkey. This is a period which could be considered a starting point. Turkey was included in the EU process in Helsinki with the background determined by this."


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