Friday, December 23, 2005

Denmark parliamentarians launch pro-Roj TV campaign

Turkish press are not satisfied with the initaitive of defenders of Freedom of expression

The Danish paper said that master mind of the pro-ROJ TV campaign was former deputy Holger Nielsen who was banned from entering Turkey due to his support for the PKK.

Güncelleme: 10:56 TSİ 21 Aralık 2005 Çarşamba, NTV Turks site

COPENHAGEN - Four Danish opposition parliamentary deputies have started a signature campaign calling opposing the closure of television station Roj-TV, which Turkey says in operated by the terrorist group the PKK.
The campaign's declaration calls on the Danish government not to bow to pressure from the US and Ankara to shut down Roj-TV, which operates out of Denmark. The statement said that this would not only limit freedom of expression of Kurds but also interfere with freedom of expression in Denmark itself.
Commenting on the campaign, Henning Koch, a professor of law, said that the request to close Roj-TV was being studying by committee of lawyers. Koch said that having deputies attempt to interfere with the investigation would be very wrong.