Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Another Message From Kurdish American Education Society

Pressure of Turkey to close ROJ TV, one of the voices of Kurdish people, is not surprising. It is exactly for such attitudes that Europe doubts readiness of this country to join the union of a civilized and democratic union.

The agressive and arognat approach of Turksih government to Kurdish complex issue makes me worried that Turkey does not understand any other method but force and violence, which most Kurds prefer to avoid! I am worried that, if Turkey does not change, at one point all Kurds scream together that enough is enough and use any available method to end the humilations by their oppressors!

I hope the progressive Turks and Europeans are clever enough to remind the government of this politically underdeveloped country to educate itself about European enlightenemnt and promote freedom, equality and justice. Progress towards freedom is inevitable. Turkey has a chance to pioneer in bringing true freedom and democracy to the region or it can miss it the way it missed the enlightenement.

Kamal Artin, MD

A member of Kurdish American Education Society