Thursday, December 08, 2005

Support to Roj TV from Kurds living in Baghdad!

Baghdad (DIHA) - AK Party government's attempts attacks on Roj TV drew the reaction of the Kurds in Iraq too. They say Roj TV is the only television that recognize the Kurdish identity, They consider 'Roj TV as the eye and ear of the Kurds around the world.

Smearing campaign against Roj TV caused reaction from the Kurdish people in Baghdad. Turgut Özer, who went to Iraq and settled in Baghdad with his family after their village was destroyed and has been living there for 20 years with double citizenship, said : 'As a Kurd he is away from his homeland, I denounce the oppressions of the Turkish State on Roj TV that has become the eyes and ears of 40
million people. Despite the oppressions of Turkey on Kurds, the Kurds defend their own rights on streets everyday. I greet all the Northern Iraqis that rush to streets to denounce this ugly approach to Roj TV.

'They Mean to Shut down Roj TV and Isolate Us'

Abdurahman Ahmet Abdullah, who had immigrated to Baghdad from Süleymaniye, said that Roj TV has played an important role in the Kurdish culture with cultural and social programs. 'I do not see Roj TV as only a Kurdish television. It is a channel for the Middle East. It addresses to all parts of society. This state prohibited the Kurdish language and culture. We have become unable to our parents in our homeland. Now they mean to isolate us shutting down Roj TV. I, as a Kurd, I denounce the attempts of Turkey to shut it down.' he said.