Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Excerpt of a statement by Mr. Ali GHAZI

Excerpt of a statement by Mr. Ali GHAZI, Kurdish personality, ex- diplomat and the son of Kurdish legendary leader Ghazi Muhammed in Support of ROJ TV
I consider ROJ TV as a real voice of Kurdish people for freedom. That is why I declare my wholehearted support to it. I deplore the unacceptable efforts of Turkish government for silencing ROJ TV.

I call upon Kurdish people inside kurdistan and kurds in exile, by employing democratic and lawful means protest these actions of Turkish government.

I also urge Danish government and decision makers in EU to reject a demand by a would be member of European family which is contrary to democratic values of Europe.

The continuation of ROJ TV and failure of Turkey to impose her undemocratic demand on Europe will be another step in direction of consolidating kurdish human rights .

Ali Ghazi




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