Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Kurdish Artists, writers and singers declare their Unequivocal Support for ROJ TV

In a press conference on Monday 5th of December held in the Centre of Mesopotamia Culture in Istanbul, more than 130 artists, singers and cultural workers declared their unequivocal support for ROJ TV. In this press Conference, Ferhad Tunc the renowned Kurdish singer emphasised "intolerance is shown towards Kurdish language and Kurdish culture, and if the instrument of expression for Kurdish artists is closed down, let say if ROJ TV disappears, it must be seen as an attack on Kurdish artists. they should be on the look-out for possible danger. While there was an official visit to Diyarbekir (Amed) words uttered in confirming the existence of Kurdish issue , but nothing have been done to turn words into deed. that is not acceptable."
Kurdish musicians, artists, writers declared that they wished to have access to a channel in Turkey which could broadcast their productions to the public in Kurdish, but presently the sole channel that could give them opportunity to reach to their audience is ROJ TV."
The artists consider the content of State television's programming contrary to the Kurdish culture and language. In case ROJ TV be downed the air they concluded they have no choice but to dump their productions on the streets.

H. Goran
(based on a dispatch from Firat News Agency)