Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Statement by Australian Kurdish Cultural Centre

Closing RojTV is another violation amongst so many of Human Rights that the turkish millitary owned government commit daily. It is the fear factor and not enough confidence in self and nation that pushes turkish government to play on the weak side of our human nature. It is another controversy that will complicate and compromise turkey's aspirations to join the democracy family of Europe. We hope that turkey will refrain from such wrongdoing and assist in the achievement of a true democratic country that turkey should be to deserve to join EU. A group of thousands of Turks or Kurds in a country such as Australia have their own radio broadcasts and other media publications in their own languages, while millions of Kurds in Turkey do not have such previllages.
Can the government tell Europe that it is still a democratic country such as UK, Scandinavian countries, Germany or any other of the EU states?
Hope the turkish government realise the realities and have some true morals in regards to Human Rights to meet the expectations of its own citizens. Closing ROJTV does not assist in this case. Stop doing wrong! ENOUGH!