Monday, December 05, 2005

Warmongers poised as "scientific researchers"

In an article published on "The Washington Institute for Near East Policy" web site. In Turkish Research Program December 2nd 2005 two warmongers poised as researchers put forward baseless accusations against ROJ TV. The article states, "The network, which also operates a website, broadcasts pro-PKK news and propaganda, including interviews with PKK leaders and calls for violent action against Turkey".
Those who had followed the debates and issues discussed in ROJ TV's programming acknowledge there have never been calls for inciting violence action against Turkey; on the contrary, the viewers have dubbed ROJ TV as the voice of peace and freedom.
Danish Radio and Television Board, Roj TV's licence provider in response to complains raised by Turkey against ROJ TV, declared in its decision this year as "The Board found that the programmes contained normal news reporting about the fights between Kurdish guerrillas and Turkish military and did not contain incitements to hatred."
The matter is clear enough. One should ask a research program who claims to analyse events by scientific means to forget the universally acknowledged right of expression even in Kurdish and for Kurds, and just by slanderous disinformation join the gang of warmongers.

H. Goran


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