Saturday, December 24, 2005

Message From CHAK addressed to minister of culture in Denmark

As you are aware, Turkish authorities in recent weeks have resorted to an orchestrated campaign of accusation and smearing propaganda against the Kurdish satellite television, ROJ TV.
We in the Centre of Helebja against Anfalization and Genocide of the Kurds –CHAK- condemn the Turkish authorities' campaign against the basic right of freedom of expression, free thought and broadcasting and human rights in general. That is an indication that Turkey is far behind Europe in regard to democracy and European Union member states must be aware of and should not turn a blind eye to this issue.

We protest against Turkish government policy and its anti democratic campaign that aims to close down the independent Kurdish Satellite channel, ROJ TV and urge the Danish Government and European Union member states to resist Turkish pressure and protect the right of freedom of speech and expression.
With warm regards,
Selah Germiyan