Friday, December 23, 2005

A message to SAVE ROJ TV INITIATIVE from Mr. Ahmad Eskanderi

Kurdish human rights campaigner and political analyst

In the name of freedom of expression, in the name of democracy and free mass media, it is very difficult to see how a country like Denmark allows pressure from Turkey to silence the Kurdish ROJ TV station. Giving up to this kind of exigencies from Turkish authorities is not that much far from conceding to ultimatums by kidnappers or pressure from subversive organisations and anti-democratic forces who defy all humanitarian and democratic rules. In the name of human rights of the Kurdish people Denmark should refuse to cede to Turkey.

In a country where the violation of human rights, womens rights, rights of minorities and individual liberties is frequent; in a country where authors, journalists and other human rights campaigners are under pressure and risk prison sentences only for what they think, write or say; in such a country, Turkey, there is a great deal to do at home in order to cope with universal declaration of Human Rights and other international and European conventions rather than putting pressure on Denmark to close the Kurdish ROJ TV station which has a very large public not only in Kurdistan, but also in the Middle East and throughout the world.

A country which is seeking full membership within the European Union and has a very poor record on human rights asks a member of EU to close a Kurdish TV station! This is outrageous and the democratic world should not accept it.

Ahmad Eskadnari

Human rights campaigner and political analyst