Thursday, January 19, 2006

ROJ TV from a Scottish perspective

From a Scottish perspective:
Roj TV is the only way that Kurds in the North of Kurdistan can get independent information about their own political situation given the State control of Turkish land based channels. It is also the only way that Kurds around the world (and Europeans) can understand the political outlook of the Northern Kurdish situation.

It is crucial that all Kurdish voices are heard. The problem thus far is that NO Kurdish voices have been heard so a period such as Anfal could occur in 1988 without the world noticing. 4,000 villages were destroyed in Turkey, without anyone noticing. Enough is enough. A Kurdish life is worth any other life in this world. America and Britain seem now to be understanding the importance of Kurdistan, other countries should be aware of this development and act accordingly.

If Roj TV is closed then one part of the Kurdish voice will be silenced, the Kurdish voice that has, until now, been completely ignored. If this happens then I will find it a great deal more difficult to convince any Kurds to pursue a peaceful path.

Roj TV is important as a symbol of freedom for many Kurdish people who live within the current borders of Turkey. The more the Turkish government tries to suppress Roj TV, the more support the station will get from within the Kurdish community.

You cannot permanently hold a people down, God knows the English have tried it with us Scots and Irish and it never really worked, Kurdistan is a logical country, that's all there is to it. The Kurds are not "mountain Turks", they are not arabs, they are uniquely Kurdish and very proud of it.

The bottom line is: Kurdistan will happen, it is happening now. To all neighbouring countries I must pose the question: are you a supporter of an independent Kurdistan or do you oppose the views of the Kurdish people when it comes to the issue of governing the land upon which they live? Turkey, do you believe in democracy? Syria and Iran, do you believe in democracy?
Azadî u serbasti bo Kurdistan, bo hami Kurdistan,

Peter Stitt

my email address is and I do not care if my name, address, email address are disclosed, now is the time for the Kurds to assert their nationality